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Cabalen Pork Longanisa Hot &Spicy 650g

Cabalen Pork Longanisa Hot &Spicy 650g

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Cabalen Pork Longanisa Hot & Spicy (650g) - Product of Philippines - Spicy Filipino Sausage for Grilling, Frying or Kinisang Longganisa

This description includes:

  • Cabalen Pork Longanisa Hot & Spicy: Identifies the brand, flavor, and type of meat.
  • (650g): weight.
  • Product of Philippines: origin.
  • Spicy Filipino Sausage: Briefly explains what it is.
  • For Grilling, Frying: Highlights common ways to prepare it. a Filipino dish where longganisa is stir-fried with vegetables.)
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