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Cabalen oxtail

Cabalen oxtail

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Elevate your culinary experience with Cabalen Ox Tail Cut – a 1kg package of premium, succulent ox tail imported for your cooking pleasure. Carefully sourced and crafted, Cabalen Ox Tail Cut is the perfect choice for creating hearty and flavorful dishes that showcase the rich taste of Filipino cuisine.

Each cut is selected to ensure the highest quality, and the meat is known for its tenderness and natural richness. Whether you're preparing a classic Kare-Kare or experimenting with your own culinary creations, Cabalen Ox Tail Cut adds a depth of flavor that transforms your dishes into a gastronomic masterpiece.

Bring the essence of Filipino home cooking to your table with Cabalen Ox Tail Cut. Perfect for slow cooking or braising, this 1kg pack allows you to explore the versatility of ox tail in various recipes. Share the joy of a hearty meal with family and friends, and savor the robust taste of Cabalen Ox Tail Cut in your favorite Filipino dishes.

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